The 5 laravel artisan commands you have to know

Laravel offers a list of commands for the command line called artisan to make your life easier. But there are 5 that you have to know to be a productive Laravel developer.

1. Make Migration

Migrations in Laravel are what you use to create database tables and schema changes. The make migration command creates your migration PHP file so you can define what changes you are going to make.

php artisan make:migration create_project_table

2. Migrate

After you make your migration, you will eventually want to execute it and make the changes to the database. This is where the migrate command comes in.

php artisan migrate

3. Make Controller

Controllers are where all http requests are routed to and what will create the http response as well. So obviously, the make controller command will make our list.

php artisan make:controller ProjectController

and if you want to generate method stubs for all of the default rest action verbs, you can pass the —resource option in your command.

php artisan make:controller ProjectController --resource

4. Make Model

Models in Laravel represent the structure of your underlying database. Each table in your database will have a corresponding model. To create a model, you can use the make model command.

php artisan make:model Project

Pass -c —resource to also make a corresponding controller with method stubs

php artisan make:model Project -c --resource

Or even -mc —resource to create the controller and a migration.

php artisan make:model Project -mc --resource

5. Tinker

Tinker allows you to interact with your Laravel application via the command line. It's a great way to test routes, eloquent models, events, and much more. Yu can use the tinker command to get started.

php artisan tinker